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Aspen View Academy offers school tours on the 3rd Wednesday of each month effective February - June from 1:00-2:30 pm. Please click here to sign up.

Parenting the Love and Logic Way

A five-session parenting program designed by the Love and Logic Institute.

*** Meets at Aspen View Academy Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm, February 24 - March 23! ***

Join other parents at Aspen View Academy and learn how to:

• Build a connected relationship with your child 

• Avoid un-winnable power-struggles and arguments 

• Stay calm when your kids do incredibly upsetting things 

• Set enforceable limits 

• Avoid enabling and begin empowering 

• Help your kids learn from mistakes rather than repeating them 

• Raise kids who are family members rather than dictators 

…and much more!

Read more here...

Process for Activity Proposals and Special Requests


Aspen View Academy’s mission and vision describe the benefits of a well-rounded education that is completed by enriching activities that extend beyond the classroom. 

For the holistic growth of AVA students, varied activities that foster technology, leadership, arts, sports, nature, or character development are valued.

The most successful activities are thoughtfully planned in advance, clearly communicated, and purposefully designed for AVA’s students. The process below exists to protect the outcomes that are most important for students and families as well as the school’s overall strategic focus.

Outcomes for Students and Families

  • Strategic offerings
  • Clear communication
  • Thoughtfully planned
  • Equitable and varied
  • Aligned to AVA’s mission and vision


  • Each December and June AVA’s Administration team will review new proposals.
  • Two avenues exist for providing AVA students with opportunities that will produce the above outcomes:
    • Propose an Activity (like an after-school club)
    • Request a Partnership (for a community service need, a donation campaign, etc.)
  • All forms must be received by AVA’s Front Office by 
    • The last day of May or 
    • The last day of November 
  • The most current version of a form must be used, found using the links below
  • Any form that is not completed fully and with exact information will not be considered. 
  • Approval is granted for one school year at a time. Therefore, a new activity or request form must be completed each school year.
  • Once AVA’s Administration team communicates a decision, that decision is final. Requesting parties are not to expect further discussion or explanation, either in writing or in a meeting with administrators.
  • If there is dissatisfaction with the decision made by AVA’s administration, the requesting party will follow AVA’s Communication Pathways.

2016-17 School Calendar

Dear Families,

I am writing to share AVA’s approved calendar for next school year. Each year we strive to build on what is working well and take other aspects of our program to the next level.

Prior to approving the calendar, the Board and administration team hadarobust discussions on each of these changes. The perspectiveofand implications for students, teachers, and families were at the heart of each decision.

As you review next year’s calendar, I hope that the notes below provide you with context for how we approached the process and a few changes.

  • We strive to line up as manyNo School Daysas possible with DCSD’s calendar, understanding that many families have students in more than one school.
  • Middle School (grades 6-8) is required by the state of Colorado to have 88 more contact hours than Elementary (K-5).
  • In order to accommodate the additional hours, Middle School classes will begin at 7:55 AM instead of 8:00 AM. The doors will open for those students including their siblings and those who carpool with them at 7:40 AM. 
    • By starting five minutes earlier, we expect to protect our goal of making after-school pick-up as efficient as possible for all.
    • Also, based on feedback from families and teachers, the beginning of the school year will look slightly different for Middle School (6-8): 
      • All Middle School students will start off with a ‘boot camp’ as their first day on Friday, August 19th. This will be a day of getting to know their teachers, building class unity, learning organizational skills, and writing social contracts that will set the stage for a great year.
      • Middle School families will have the opportunity to meet all of their student’s teachers at Middle School Curriculum Night which will happen before the first day of school.
      • Elementary (PreK-5) families will use Lobby Guard for Meet & Greets and the beginning of school will flow like it did this year for PreK-5, with no major changes.
      • Finally, we have eliminated half-days around Parent/Teacher Conferences. We want teachers to be at their best and the current 14-hour days are rough. We still plan to have conference slots available for similar hours as this year, including morning, afternoon, and evening options for families. Teachers will not be expected to come in to school until closer to 11:30 AM on the first day of conferences.

If you have any questions, you may please reach out to me directly at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are super proud of our students and the strong growth we see in their knowledge, skill, and character. Thank you for your partnership and support.

2016-2017 School Calendar

Jason Edwards

8th Grade Parents Night Out

In order to help with the busy Christmas shopping season, the 8th grade will be hosting another Parents Night Out!  Saturday, December 12th from 6:00-10:30pm the school will host games in the gym, board games in the library and a Christmas movie.  The cost is $20 and it includes childcare, one slice of pizza, and a drink.  Parents also have the option of giving their children more money to spend on extra pizza, candy and drinks in $5 increments. 

If you would like to sign up your children, please do so in advance using the following link: Sign up Here.  Payment is made through Square and handled by the office.  Thank you all for your continued support of the AVA 8th graders as they raise funds to go to Washington D.C. and New York City!

Blizzard Book Fair Sale!

Students and parents may shop from 7:45-8:15 tomorrow. 

Get your donut when you leave the library

You are also invited to shop after school on Wednesday.

**** Remember the food drive! ****

Delayed Start and Snow Days

Aspen View will follow Douglas County School District's guidance for Delayed Start and Snow Days.  All school closures can be found on the DCSD website (generally updated by shortly after 5:00 a.m.) at: https://www.dcsdk12.org/schoolclosureinformation/. Another way to check for school delays or closures is on most of the local TV channels in the morning or you may call the DCSD weather line at 303-387-SNOW (7669) to hear the latest updates.  

The Douglas County School District has been divided into 3 areas: Highlands Ranch, Parker and Castle Rock.  It is possible for the district to close or delay school in only one of the areas.  This is rare, but it can be done.  If you see on the TV or hear on the weather line that Douglas County is listed as closed or delayed start that means all of the schools are closed or delayed.  If you see or hear that the Parker area is closed or delayed that means that Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock are open.

If the district calls for a delayed start, school at AVA would start 90 minutes later than normal, meaning that school would start at 9:45am.  Carpool on a delayed start day begins at 9:15am and before school care would open at 8:00am.  Please do not drop off your child earlier than 8:00am for Before Care, as no one will be here to supervise your child. If we are closed, no Before or After Care will be provided.

We realize that we must rely on parents driving their children to school and that you may feel the road conditions are unsafe to drive on.  You always have the option of keeping your child home if you feel that the roads are unsafe even if the school is open.  In such cases, please call AVA's front office and that day will be listed as an excused absence.

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