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Aspen View Academy believes that Core Knowledge is a guaranteed and viable curriculum that offers our students wholesome mind food.

The mind is restricted to pabulum [material for intellectual nourishment] of one kind: it is nourished upon ideas and absorbs facts only as these are connected with the living ideas upon which they hang.  Children educated upon some such lines as these respond in a surprising way, developing capacity, character, countenance, initiative, and a sense of responsibility.  They are, in fact, even as children, good and thoughtful citizens. (Charlotte Mason, A Philosophy of Education, p.20)

What Core Knowledge says about Core Knowledge:

The idea behind the Core Knowledge Sequence is simple and powerful: knowledge builds on knowledge.  Therefore, Core Knowledge offers learning that is coherent, cumulative, and content-specific.


“The Core Knowledge Sequence is predicated on the realization that what children are able to learn at any given moment depends on what they already know—and, equally important, that what they know is a function of previous experience and teaching.”


The Core Knowledge Sequence provides a clear outline of content to be learned grade by grade so that knowledge, language, and skills build cumulatively from year to year.

Core Knowledge sets high expectations for all children that are achievable thanks to the cumulative, sequential way that knowledge and skills build. Teachers in Core Knowledge schools have assurance that children will emerge well prepared with a shared body of knowledge and skills.


By clearly specifying important knowledge in language arts, history, geography, math, science, and the fine arts, the Sequence presents a practical answer to the question, “What do our children need to know?”  Teachers are free to devote their energies and efforts to creatively planning how to teach the content to the children in their classrooms.

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