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AVA’s strategic focus is to maximize the benefits of our unique K-8 program in order to deliver the mission and vision for which this distinct independent charter school was founded. AVA's research-based ongoing strategic plan upholds a focus on developing and implementing guaranteed and viable curriculum. The resources below visualize and explain how AVA students benefit from a reverse-engineered, high-quality curriculum. 

AVA's Month-by-Month Curriculum Maps

AVA's Curriculum Maps exist to protect teacher time, energy, and focus. While Core Knowledge topics and sequencing will not change, teachers have the opportunity to own the unit-planning in creative ways that grow the whole student. AVA teachers have broken down the Core Knowledge sequence month-by-month and outlined the order in which students will learn every topic so that by the end of each school year students have received all that our program is designed to deliver.

Students benefit when they experience alignment between home and school. Families are encouraged to print the curriculum map for your students' grade each year. Consider posting it on your refrigerator, referring to it weekly, researching interesting topics in greater detail at home (for the joy of learning!), and allowing the rich content your student is learning to add value to the quality of family conversations. Toward this same end, we have created a family-friendly resource page called Conversation Starters, which lists the essential questions each grade level is considering in various subjects, each month of the year. We are a learning community  a lifetime is too short for us to fully plumb the depths of the goodness, beauty, and truth we can enjoy by studying these living ideas together.

Kindergarten Curriculum Map

1st Grade Curriculum Map

2nd Grade Curriculum Map

3rd Grade Curriculum Map

4th Grade Curriculum Map

5th Grade Curriculum Map

6th Grade Curriculum Map

7th Grade Curriculum Map

8th Grade Curriculum Map


Core Knowledge at a Glance

The premise of Core Knowledge (not to be confused with Common Core) is that the world's future leaders must be equipped with a body of knowledge in order to be culturally literate. While at other schools accross the nation classic novels, science, and history have been pushed aside, the Core Knowledge approach includes a study of these subjects every day in every grade. AVA embraces the end goal of growing students to become culturally literate. AVA's specialized subjects (like technology, art, music, and physical education) make connections to Core Knowledge concepts at each grade-level, providing students with opportunities to transfer and apply their understanding accross subjects. 

Below is the Core Knolwedge sequence at a glance. This resource can be

Core Knowledge Sequence: Prek - 3rd Grade

Core Knowledge Sequence: 4th - 8th grade

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