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Strategic Approach

AVA's math curriculum is strategic for equipping the world's future leaders. In order to overcome the challenges that our students' generation will face in the 21st Century, the world desperately needs leaders that have the ability to break down complex problems, understand the 'why' behind answers, and transfer their problem-solving skills from one context to another. This webpage is designed to offer AVA stakeholders a user-friendly explanation and visualization of how this strategic approach is realized through AVA's mathematics curriculum. The resources and links provided aim to enlist and equip parents as partners in this important mission.


Why Singapore Math? 

Research-based Pedagogy

Singapore Math in Focus® offers you the same authentic Singapore Math® curriculum that has propelled Singapore students to international success. It follows the pedagogical framework developed by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Concrete–Pictorial–Abstract Learning Progression

Numbers and symbols can be confusing when you don't have a grasp of what they actually mean. Singapore Math® teaches concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world, hands-on experiences.

Pedagogy Fit for Specific Skill Needs

Singapore Math in Focus adapts instruction to the needs of individual learners through scaffolding, the systematic sequencing of prompted content, and support to optimize learning. The ultimate goal of scaffolding is to gradually remove the supports as the learner masters the task.

Integrated Technology for the 21st-Century Classroom

Singapore Math in Focus provides seamless integration of technology with a range of online tools including Interactive Whiteboard activities, online manipulatives, parent resource videos, and online activities. All using the same pedagogical principles of the Singapore Math® approach, combining multimedia technology with instructional strategies to offer an engaging teaching and learning experience!

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Online Student and Parent Resources

Kindergarten-5th Grade Students 


Fill in the following:

Country: United States


District: Private School

School: Aspen View Academy, Castle Rock 80109

User Name: (varies by student)

Password: given in Thursday Folder in September.


Middle School Students 


User Name: (varies by student)

Password: (varies by student)


Please email your students' math teacher if you need login information. 


What resources are available?

- Virtual Manipulatives (counters, number bonds, base-ten blocks, number lines, number charts, bar models, fractions, graphs, geometry, measurement, algebra, probability)

- Singapore Math in Focus Student Edition Textbook and Workbook

- Parent Resource Videos (a video for every chapter in the textbook including an introduction, learning objectives, topic overview, and top tips)

- Assignments may be added to the website for students to complete (this will vary by teacher and grade)


Reverse-Engineered Curriculum Pacing 

Aspen View Academy has reverse-engineered the Singapore Math in Focus curriculum to provide students with a conceptual understanding at a pace that fits the students’ needs. Our goal is for all AVA students to leave 8th grade having completed Algebra 1, which puts them 1 year above the national average. Students who will follow an advanced pacing, will leave 8th grade having completed Geometry, which puts them 2 years above the national average. Students will follow a pacing guide that fits their skill strengths and needs beginning in 2nd grade when AVA begins flexible skill grouping for math. 


 AVA Math Program Pacing Chart


Singapore Math in Focus Philosophy

 Instruction moves from the concrete, to the pictorial, to the abstract.

 Concrete Pictorial AbstractNumber Bonds

Number Bonds to Find UnknownsNumber Bonds

Bar Models

Part-Whole Method

            -Used to find the whole given the parts or the parts given the whole.

Comparison Bars

            -Used to compare two objects to each other. 

Introducing Bar Models

Comparison Bar Models

Part Whole Models


Singapore Math Parent and Student Workshops 

Who: Parents of AVA students who want to get hands-on experience with the math concepts their students are going to be learning in upcoming units. Parents will bring their students along for a night to explore Singapore Math in Focus and learn some good hints and tools that their students can take with them back to the classroom.

When: Most Wednesdays 6:15-7:00pm, and as needed some Tuesdays or Thursdays 6:15-7:00pm in the Library with Kelsey Soulia.

Why: To educate our parents on the math skills that their students will be learning. This will help bridge the gap between home and school and empower our parents to help their student with specific math concepts.


- Parents will be notified by an email blast from their students math teacher that will outline the Parent Workshops that are going to be offered for their student’s math class. The Sign-Up Genius link will also be on the math teachers' website.

- Parents will RSVP through a Sign-Up Genius at least 2 days in advance of the event to ensure that the appropriate amount of materials are gathered.

- During the 45 minute workshop, parents will get an introduction and brief overview of the skills needed for the upcoming concepts. There will be a mini-lesson provided on the new concept. The group will then work hands-on in solving a variety of problems from the unit. There will be time given for questions and follow-up at the end of the workshop.

- These workshops will be focused on the foundational skills that are vital to a student’s success in math for their grade level. Not every concept will be covered, but several of the most important ones will.

- Singapore Math in Focus materials will be used along with hands-on manipulatives.

-  Videos, podcasts, and other online resources will be shared, as needed, to help further support parents and students at home. 


How can I help my student? 

- Familiarize yourself with the student workbook that your student brings home for homework. 

- Practice math facts with your student.

- Observe a math lesson being taught to see what and how your student is learning in the classroom.

- Come to a Family Resource Workshop

- Look for an opportunity to attend a Singapore Math Parent and Student Workshop where we go over an important unit in your students’ grade level.

- Use the Singapore Math in Focus online resources.

- Be transparent in the math you use every day. Include your child in cooking and following recipes, using money, and estimating distance and time.

- Find real-world situations in which to practice number bonds and to do mental math.

- Listen to your child explain how he/she figured out a problem. 

- Wait until your child understands a concept before teaching him/her a computational shortcut. 

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