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Week of November 27, 2017



November 27th- December 1st 

Important Information 

  • Specials Notes:  Please remember to send your child to school wearing/with a change of appropriate shoes for P.E. days.  AVA Library books are due back the day before (Friday) our designated day so books can be re-shelved and your child may check out a new book. 
  • Spirit Night:
  • Reminder: As the weather starts to get colder, please send kiddos with appropriate winter gear.  Also please write their names on their clothing articles so we can keep track of everyone’s belongings! Thank you! 
  • Folders: Please be sure to have your child bring back their Thursday and Homework Folders every Friday.




















DLR (Daily Language Review) Packet: Week 13

Shurley Grammar 

              Chapter 5: Articles 

              Sentence Jingle 

              Noun Jingle 

              Verb Jingle 

              Adverb Jingle 

              Adjective Jingle 

        Article Adjectives Jingle  



Unit 3 Week 1: What is time? How do we measure time? 

WONDERS: Unit 3 Week 1

  • Comprehension Strategy: Make and confirm predictions
  • Phonics: Review a_e words
  • High frequency words: away, now, some, today, way, and why
  • Oral vocabulary words: weekend, calendar, occasion, schedule, and immediately
  • · visit my links and documents page for practice games on Spelling City
  • Spelling words: make, take, came, game, gate, late, some, today, made, yesterday

Bonus words: November, whale, mistake, escape, and shake


FRIDAY ASSESSMENTS:  Spelling test, Chapter 7 math test, Shurley Check-up Ch. 5


Singapore Math  


 Chapter 7 Numbers to 20 

  • Count on from 10, make a 10 and then count on
  • Use place value to show numbers to 20
  • Use models to show numbers to 20
  • Compare sets of numbers
  • Use place value to find out how much greater or how much less
  • Use place value to compare three numbers
  • Make patterns with connecting cubes
  • Find a number more than the number given
  • Order numbers from least to greatest

History-World Religions

 Since religion is a shaping force in the story of civilization, Core Knowledge introduces children in the early grades to major world religions. The focus is on geography, major symbols, and figures. The purpose is not to explore matters of theology, but to introduce basic vocabulary for understanding many events in history. The goal is to familiarize not proselytize. To the question, “Which is true?” our response will be “people of different faiths believe different things to be true. The best people to talk to about this are your parents.”

Students will learn: 

  • What different people believe
  • Religions as the basis of significant events and ideas in world history
  • Judaism: Belief in one God, Exodus, Isreal, Chanukah, Star of David, Torah, and Synagogue
  • Christianity: Developed from Judaism, Jesus as the Messiah, Christmas, Easter, Symbol of the cross
  • Islam: Origin in Arabia, Allah, Muhammad, Makkah, Qur’an, Mosque, and symbol of crescent and star


Science- N/A 


Core Stories 

Land of Nod

Character Trait 



Monthly Sayings 


Sayings and Phrases 

  If you first don’t succeed try, try again.


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