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Week of April 16th

April 16th-20th


Important Information 

  • No school Friday, April 20th for teacher in-service.
  • No school Monday, April 23rd for April break!
  • Please keep reading at home! End of year testing will begin the last week of April.
  • If the wind chill “feels like” 20 degrees or below, we will not have outdoor recess.  Otherwise, we will go outside, so please send your children with appropriate winter gear. Also, please write your children’s names on their clothing articles so we can keep track of everyone’s belongings! Thank you!
  • Please remember to have your child wear appropriate shoes for P.E. or come with a change of P.E. shoes in your child’s backpack so they are able to participate.
  • Folders: Please be sure to have your child bring back their Thursday and Homework Folders every Friday.
  • Family Science night is Thursday, April 19th from 5:30pm-7:30pm at Castle View High School.
  • Family Resource Workshop April 16th from 6:45pm-7:30pm.

















No school



DLR (Daily Language Review) Packet: Week 30

SHURLEY GRAMMAR: Chapter 11 Possessive pronouns


*The Object of a Preposition is the SECOND noun in the sentence and can be a noun or a pronoun (it comes AFTER the preposition in a sentence)



                    Unit 5: Week 6 Test Unit 6 Week 1

Essential Question: How can we work together to make our lives better?

  • PHONICS: words with /u/
  • HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS: answer, brought, busy, door, enough, yes
  • ORAL VOCABULARY: conflict, fair, argument, risk, shift
  • SPELLING: moon, tune, flew, blue, fruit, soup, enough, door, brother, sister
  • BONUS: answer, fair, true, both, goes
  • Please visit my links and documents page for practice games on  

            Spelling City.  

  • THURSDAY ASSESSMENT: Spelling Test, Unit 5 Test, Chapter 16 math test


Singapore Math

Chapter 17: Addition and Subtraction to 100 

Numbers to 100 can be added and subtracted with and without regrouping. 

I have been reminding students that good mathematicians pay attention to the math symbol so they know whether to add or subtract and show their work.  So, when regrouping in both addition and subtraction, students should write down their work for regrouping. 

It is always good to continue practice with double digit addition and subtraction. Here’s a fun song/rap to reinforce subtracting with regrouping!

                   Subtraction with Regrouping Song by NUMBEROCK 


*** If you are able, please practice math facts (addition and subtraction) with your children.  Strategies we remind students to use are: counting on and back, and using other math problems (such as doubles) to help them figure out the answer.




Science: Astronomy 

  • sun: source of energy, light, heat   
  • phases of the moon  
  • planets 
  • stars-constellations
  • Earth and its place in the solar system-orbits the sun; revolutions (day/night)  


History: From Colonies to Independence: The American Revolution

  • locate Original 13 Colonies
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Paul Revere's Ride
  • Minutemen and Redcoats
  • Thomas Jefferson and Declaration of Independence; July 4th
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • George Washington

Legend of Betsy Ross


Character Trait: Teamwork

Sayings and Phrases: A wolf in sheep’s clothing


Core Stories ~ Folktales

  • The Boy at the Dike (Holland)
  • How Anansi Got Stories from the Sky God (West Africa)
  • It Could Always be Worse (Yiddish)
  • The Knee-High Man (African-American)
  • Medio Pollito (Hispanic)

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