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Class News - 11/20

Hello families!

We made it to Thanksgiving break, I can’t believe how the school year is flying by!  I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for sharing your wonderful kids with me.  Being able to watch them grow and change every day is one of the biggest joys of my life; thank you for trusting me with these special people.  I am so grateful to be working with each of you at AVA!  Have a wonderful break!

  • As cold and flu season approaches we need a way to clean our desks!  2nd grade would love some paper towel donations so we can safely clean our classroom.  Thanks in advance for sending in a roll!
  • Has your student come home singing all kinds of social emotional growth songs?  I sure hope so! I keep all of my favorite songs/videos compiled on an ancient website that I built eons ago.  I don’t have the time to update this website further, but feel free to use what is already there!  Click here to check it out!
  • Oregon Trail Game -
  • Volunteer Opportunities - Check out the Volunteer Opportunity section below!  It has all of the opportunities available for this class.  My latest volunteer request?  Help me build a covered wagon!  See below. :)
  • Library is on Thursday.  Please help your child to remember to return checked out books by Wednesday.
  • As the temperatures drop, please make sure your student is prepared to go outside and play. We go out if it is above 20 degrees!
  • Please help your child bring a healthy snack and a water bottle each day.
  • No school for students November 16-26

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What are we learning?

To support your student at home read about these topics in What Your 2nd Grader Needs to Know

Wonders Reading

This week we worked really hard on metacognition (thinking about our thinking) while reading.  We learned that good readers do make mistakes and correct themselves with 2 questions.   Ask your kid about the 2 questions that good readers ask themselves, and look for Wonders guided reading books to come home after Thanksgiving break!


Complete subjects and complete predicates


How to evaluate a word problem for the operation using a bar model tool.

Social Studies

Westward Expansion


Plant and Animal Cells

Volunteer Opportunities - Thank you!

  • Fun Friday! - On Fridays from 3-3:30 we’d love to have you come in and give Ms. Glanville a few minutes of extra work time!  Read a story to the class, make a craft, teach a lesson, it’s up to you!  For more information about what this volunteer opportunity entails and to sign up for your time slot, click here.
  • Class Pinterest Board -  Check here to see the class Pinterest board!  We would love any of these materials for our classroom. Make a craft, send it in, accumulate volunteer hours!
  • Classroom Library - It is my nerdy dream to turn our classroom library into a covered wagon!  Click here to see the blog post that inspired this amazing idea.  Are you handy?  Do you like to build and engineer?  Are you as into history as I am?  Let's surprise our kids with the coolest classroom library ever!  Email me if you're interested.

Specials (CAMP Rotation)

Monday - P.E. 

Tuesday - Computers

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Music

Friday - P.E. 

Daily Schedule

Arrival: 8:00-8:15

Specials: 8:30-9:20

Reading: 9:25-10:15

Grammar: 10:20-10:50 (Library on Thursdays)

Recess/Snack: 10:50-11:05

i-ready/Intervention: 11:10-11:35

Writing: 11:35 – 12:00

Core Knowledge Lit: 12:05-12:20

Lunch/Recess: 12:20- 1:00

Math: 1:15- 2:15

History/Science: 2:15-3:15

Pack-up/Launch: 3:15-3:30

2nd Grade Curriculum Map

This will give you a quick snapshot of what we will be doing for core knowledge through out the year.   

AVA Curriculum Map Literature History Science Writing  Character
Aug/Sept Talk Iktomi Stories, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Bed in Summer
War of 1812 
Map Terms
Continents and Oceans
Summer (Seasons)
 Review conventions of paragraph writing (including spelling, grammar & usage)  Respect
October  Tall Tales, Bufflao Dusk, Windy Nights  Westward Expansion         Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountians  
Simple Machines/
Personal Narrative
– How to …

The Emperor's New Clothes,                

The Fisherman and His Wife,          

Something Told The Wild Geese,     Rudolph is Tired of the City

Mississippi River 
Great Lakes    
 Cells  Retelling and Summarizing  Empowerment
December  A Christmas Carol, T'Was the Night Before Christmas, Lincoln, Harriet Tubman  Civil War  Digestive System/ Excretory System   Health Bios  Responding to Literature  Sharing
January  How the Camel Got It's Hump        Seashell  
Civil Rights
North America
 Digestive System/Winter  Persuasive Writing  Patience
February  Greek Myths, Smart, Limericks  Ancient Greece  NA/ Heavy History Month Poetry   Excellence
March  Blind Men and the Elephant,              Tiger, Brahaman, and Jakal         Discovery, Windy Nights  
Ancient India
Central and South America
 Water Cycle  Compare  Compassion
Magic Pain brush, Charlotte's Web, 
Hurt No Living Thing
 Ancient China  Life Cycles/ Spring  Contrast  Spring

 Tongue Cut Sparrow,

El Pajro Cu            Bee! I'm Epecting You           Caterpillars

 Japan Today  Insects  Information Summary  Respect


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