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February 19-23

Important Information

  • As the temperatures drop, please make sure your student is prepared to go outside and play. We go out if it is above 20 degrees!
  • We are a nut-free classroom
  • We have library on Wednesdays. Make sure to bring your books that day!  
  • Please bring a few healthy snacks and a water bottle each day. 


March 1st - School Assembly


26 Mon Comp
27 Tues  Art
28  Wed Music
29 Thurs  PE
30 Fri Comp


Essential Question: How do we get what we need?

Story: Juanita and the Beanstalk

Comprehension strategy: Summarize
Comprehension skill: Point of View
Genre: Fairy Tale
Vocabulary strategy: Root Words
Spelling list given on Monday. Test is Friday! 


Chapter 13 will intorduce the predicate noun. This will include pattern 4. Most Grammar homework is completed in class and will only come home in your student's binder if they did not finish at school.

Singapore Math

Essential Question: How do you use fractions to describe parts of a set?

Chapter 14 test on Fractions will be on Tuesday February 27th. Chapter 15 will begin standard measurements for length, weight and capacity. We will talk about feet, pounds and gallons.


Workbook pages 121-122 due Friday

Please check your student's planner for homework and test assignments. 

Check out the new Math link on the website.

Please practice math facts nightly. It will help your student gain the confidence needed to grow as a mathematician. There is no form to fill out for this, please just try for 10 minutes a night. I know there are a lot of different games/apps out there to help with this. Please do whatever works best for your family.

Parents, please note that your child now has important log-in information for Singapore Math in Focus Online Resources stapled into the front of his/her planner (a bright pink paper).  You are welcome to access these tools anytime from home.  We think they will prove useful throughout the year.


Essential Question: Did the Early Explorers of North America find what they were looking for?

We will talk about Coronado and other Spanish explorers.

Please feel free to use the below link to access additional online resources for Core Knowledge History lessons.


Please see Mrs. Chambless's website for updated information.

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