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Mrs. Davis

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February 20-23

I hope you had a great holiday weekend!

We have our fieldtrip on Thursday to the Colorado History Museum--make sure to send a disposable lunch for this day.

We will have PE on Friday this week, so make sure to send your student with tennis shoes!

We will have library on Thursday.  Make sure to have your student bring in their old book to return!

We have a late lunch, so make sure to send a snack with your student every day.  Please also note, however, we have several severe nut allergies in 4th grade. Remember to not send snacks containing nuts.



19 Mon No school
20 Tues  Computers
21  Wed Art
22 Thurs  Music
23 Fri PE



We finished Gulliver's Travels!  Many crazy adventures--be sure to ask your student about it! This week we will only have 3 days of Reading due to the Monday holiday and our field trip on Thursday.  We will finish up activities on Gulliver's travels and then begin our Poetry unit.  We will receive our fluency homework on Tuesday and it will be due on Friday this week, since we will not have Reading on Thursday.  The students are to read the passage aloud for one minute and record how many words that they read. They are to then read the passage a second time for one minute again and record how many words they read that time.  Finally, they will finish reading the passage and answer the accompanying questions.  



We will be on Spelling 21 this week.  Packets will be passed out on Tuesday and will be due along with the test on Friday.  If you would like to have your students do some extra practice with some fun games/activities, have them use the link below for Spelling City.  They can look for the week that we are on and practice activites will be provided.

spelling city



We will continue with Chapter 11 in Grammar this week.  It involves indirect objects, which are proving a bit challenging, as well as our third sentence pattern.  If you would like to have your student practice some of the jingles at home that help us remember the rules and jobs for different parts of speech, they may be found on-line at



This week we will finish our persuasive paragraph for a candy bar that your student has created!


Singapore Math

This week we will continue with Chapter 9, which is drawing and measuring angles.  We will take our test on this unit on Friday.   We will continue to work regularly on multipication and division to keep those skills up.  PLEASE continue to make this a strong emphasis if your student is not one of the ones that has completed learning their times tables.

Most nights there will be math homework from our workbook, and every night, Monday through Thursday, your student has 5 minutes of times table practice as homework. This may be with flashcards, on a computer game, or just with you quizzing them on the way home from school, etc.. They should begin practicing just 2's and 3's.  Once they pass that timed test, they will move on to 4's and 5's, etc.. Your student will be provided with a calendar to record this daily practice.This calendar is due every Friday.  (If they misplace their calendar, I will also accept a note or their planner signed, or an email, but it is due every week)

For better understanding of our math program, Singapore Math in Focus sets the mastery level at 80% for all assessments. On the assessments, students will see what the curriculum calls “novel questions.” These questions take the concepts that the students have learned in class and presents them in a new and unique way. This is to encourage higher-order thinking and problem solving skills. If a student scores an 80% on an assessment, they have fully mastered the unit and have met the expectations.



Our students will go across the hall to Mrs. Cox for history.  You can check her website to see what your students will be covering in history.


This week we will conitnue our unit on Geology.  We will begin learning about the long-awaited volcano portion of our geology unit!!  

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