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Important Information

No school on Friday, Sept 1 (teacher professional day)

No school on Monday, Sept 4 (Labor Day)

Here's a link I told the kids I would put on the website. It's a longitude and latitude song.

We also had a jinigle with actions for latitude and longitude. You can see if your kids remember if you'd like. I took a video of them doing it, but I can't figure out how to get it from my phone to this site!

Here is a review for the test on Thurs:

Specials (We go in order that spells "CAMP")

Aug 28 - PE

Aug 29 - Computers

Aug 30 - Art

Aug 31 - Music

Tuesdays - Library

Fridays -  Social Skills or Latin rotation beginning at the end of Aug.


Spelling packet due Thurs

Spelling test Thurs


1. afraid

2. explain

3. payment

4. sleigh

5. laid

6. raise

7. straight

8. freight

9. height

10. they

11. favorite

12. April

13. able

14. radio

15. station

16. relation

17. daybreak

18. trace


19. latitude

20. longitude


The story of Rip Van Winkle will be our focus this week. We will be doing some comprehsion activities, written responses, as well as discussions.


We began learning about adverbs on Fri which we need to revisit. Adverbs answer the questions how, when, where. For example: Kites flew very high overhead. Kites - subject noun; flew - verb; flew where? overhead - adverb; how high? very - adv; flew where? overhead - adv. We will also be doing some reviews and may even get to the first grammar test on being able to identify/classify subject nouns, verbs, and adverbs.

To learn or review the jingles, click the following link:


Sentences, sentences, sentences! We will be doing all thing sentence related this week including fragments, run-ons, and compound.


We are currently assessing the kids' on their current math understandings. Before we collect all the data, we will remain in our homeroom for math. We will be doing more fact fluency practice, write word problems and solve, graph data from surveys, and complete an escape room challenge.


We started learning about map skills such as latitude and longitude. Using that knowledge, we will be learning about time zones and reading physical maps. We will review and then have a test on Thurs. Here's the link for study help:


Mrs. Davis will be your child's science teacher this year. You will want to check her website each week to see what your son/daughter will be learning. 

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