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Mrs. Cox

Mrs. Cox's Classroom


  • If you happen to have any extra pillows or bean bag type chairs that you no longer use, I'd love your cast-offs.
  • If you have any plastic shoe boxes that you no longer need, I'd love those too.
  • Please make sure your child has a CHAPTER BOOK to read at school. 

Specials (We go in order that spells "CAMP")

Tuesdays - Library

Fridays -  Social Skills and Latin rotation 


Check your student's reading teacher's website for info.

Cox reading class- We are doing some extension activities for Robin Hood using some higher level thinking activities. We also are having some great group discussions. This week we are launching our book project which includes a booklet of the characters in Robin Hood. See the link below for more information and a rubric.

This will be due when we complete the reading of the novel.


We are now doing writing in our reading classes to hone in on their specific levels and needs. Writing assignments will be included in students' reading grades.

As we progress in our writing, we will be writing descriptive paragraphs, using different types of sentence openers, and including similies in our writing. I've seen fabulous, and I mean fabulous, writing techniques from many of these students. I will continue to push them but am so proud of how they've taken what they've learned and directly applied it to their writing. I love it!


See your child's math teacher's website for info on math.

  • PRACTICE MATH FACTS!!!! I am seeing that many students don't know their math facts. Please take some time on a regular basis to practice. There are gobs of sites out there to facilitate this, but my favorite is simply to use flash cards. Another great resource I've discovered is the car. When I'm in the car, I sometimes test my kids on math facts. I know if I did this more often, they would benefit. Maybe challenge yourself as a parent to do this once a day? Simply ask, "What's 7x3, 4x8.....etc." Do addition and subtraction as well. Each student has a calendar and is required to practice 5-10 min 5 times a week. I will be collecting the calendars, signed by a parent, for an easy participation grade once a month.

Cox math class - We will be reviewing Ch 3 and testing on Tues or Wed. Then we will move on to Ch 4 which is all about tables and line graphs.



Spelling has been moved into our Language Arts grade category. As a homeroom class, we will review with a game called "Sparkle", and take the test on Fri.

***Reasearch has shown that practicing spelling words ORALLY is the best practice.  This leads to optimal memory retention which transfers into an increase in of spelling words correctly in everyday writing.***

Spelling packet due Fri

Spelling test Fri


Click on the link and scroll down to the appropriate week.


Here's a helpful parent booklet for Shurley Grammar:

Memorize the prepositions!!!! Here's the list:

Here's a fun song with motions studetns can use to learn the prepositions:

To learn or review the jingles, click the following link:


We are learning about Islam this week. Rest assured that we are just talking about the very general topics regarding this world religion. I explained to them already that they are to seek out their parents if they have any questions regarding this faith or their own. Topics include: 5 Pillars of Islam, Muhammad, the spread of Islam, Islamic culture, and the crusades. 

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