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Mrs. Cox

Mrs. Cox's Classroom

Week of Sept 5, 2017

Important Information

  • If you happen to have any extra pillows or bean bag type chairs that you no longer use, I'd love your cast-offs.
  • If you have any plastic shoe boxes that you no longer need, I'd love those too.
  • We will complete our reading assessments this week and hopefully have our reading groups established by Thurs or Fri. I can't wait!
  • Please send in an old cloth, sock, or eraser for your student to use with his/her dry erase board.
  • PRACTICE MATH FACTS!!!! I am seeing that many students don't know their math facts. Please take some time on a regular basis to practice. There are gobs of sites out there to facilitate this, but my favorite is simply to use flash cards. Another great resource I've discovered is the car. When I'm in the car, I sometimes test my kids on math facts. I know if I did this more often, they would benefit. Maybe challenge yourself as a parent to do this once a day? Simply ask, "What's 7x3, 4x8.....etc." Do addition and subtraction as well.

Specials (We go in order that spells "CAMP")

Sept 5 - PE

Sept 6 - Computers

Sept 7 - Art

Sept 8 - Music

Tuesdays - Library

Fridays -  Social Skills and Latin rotation begins this week!


Spelling packet due Fri

Spelling test Fri


  1. fifteen
  2. referee
  3. eager
  4. easily
  5. ready
  6. please
  7. ecology
  8. maybe
  9. been
  10. only
  11. universe
  12. future
  13. communicate
  14. beautiful
  15. unusual
  16. cute
  17. cube
  18. fuel
  19. constitution
  20. respiratory


We will finish our reading assessments and move into reading groups. In the meantime, we will also be continuing with some activities with Rip Van Winkle.


We will continue to learn about adverbs. Adverbs answer the questions how, when, where. For example: Kites flew very high overhead. Kites - subject noun; flew - verb; flew where? overhead - adverb; how high? very - adv; flew where? overhead - adv. We will also learn about articles (a, an, the) and adjectives (words that describe nouns) Adjectives answer the questions what kind?, which one?, and how many?

To learn or review the jingles, click the following link:


This week we will be learning about sentence variety and word choice (readers like them spicy!). I have also started asking them to respond to a writing prompt each morning. If you would like to check your student's writing and productivity, ask him/her to bring home his/her writing notebook.


See your child's math teacher's website for info on math.

Cox math class - We will be learning about writing and comparing numbers to 100,000. We will also begin adding and subtracting large numbers with borrowing.


World mountains are our focus this week. We will learn about the four different types of mountains and how they are formed as well as looking at animal adaptations to these mountains. We will aslo be completing a map with notable mountains and ranges which we will use for our assessment of this unit.


Mrs. Davis will be your child's science teacher this year. You will want to check her website each week to see what your son/daughter will be learning. 

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