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Ms. Hodge

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Week of Jan 22-Jan 26

Important Information

  • Dress of Choice: Western Wear: Friday, January 26th

Homework this week:


Writing: Work on finalizing sources/complete packet
History: L1 Questions
Reading: Read Chapter 23 




Writing: Finalize sources/complete packet
Reading: Read Chapter 24
Math: WB 221, 222

Grammar: WS 197, 198 



History: Read L4 
Reading: Read Chapter 25
Math: WB 223, 224

Grammar: WS 201, 202 


Reading: Read Chapter 26
Math: TBA 







Mon Art
23 Tues  Music 


25 Thurs  Computer
26 Fri Art


This week we will continue our novel study of The Secret Garden. We will be reading chapters 22-26 of the book. As we finish the final chapters of this book students should be working on their Choice Board project at home for the Secret Garden. This project will be due January 31st. 


As a class we will be finishing up our short, 3 section unit on Chapter 6. This includes learning how to calculate the area of triangles, squares, and rectangles given the correct formulas, as well as determing base and height of triangles. Depending on how far we get as a class this week and where students are still struggling, the test for this chapter could be as soon as Monday, January 29th and as late as Wednesday, January 31st. Students will be notified by this Wednesday of the date they will take their test. 

Parents, please note that your child now has important log-in information for Singapore Math in Focus Online Resources stapled in the front of his/her planner (a bright pink paper).  You are welcome to access these tools anytime from home.  We think they will prove useful throughout the year.

Singapore Math in Focus sets the mastery level at 80% for all assessments. On the assessments, students will see what the curriculum calls “novel questions.” These questions take the concepts that the students have learned in class and presents them in a new and unique way. This is to encourage higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. If a student scores an 80% on an assessment, they have fully mastered the unit and have met the expectations. 


This week we will begin our unit on Westward Expansion: Before the Civil War. Students will be learning about famous people in history such as Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, Tecumseh, as well as about improvements in transportation during the 1800's. 

Language Arts

This week we will continue our unit on expository writing. During this unit, the students will be researching a state of their choice and writing a five paragraph paper. The process is guided and most of the writing will be in school. Students will also be doing some research at home. This week students will be expected to complete their State Expectation packet that walks them through the guidelines and necessary information for writing their research paper. We will be learning specifically about the format of this essay and filling out a guide, transitions, topic sentences,  concluding sentences, and finalizing our sources.

In Grammar, we will begin Chapter 10 which includes which reviews and practices identifying pattern one and pattern two.


See Miss Frieden's website for Science information! :)

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