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Mrs. Sullivan

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Jan 22-26th

Field Trip to Denver Center for Preforming Arts: Jan 26th, Sack Lunch needed

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We will begin Unit 3-Astronomy once we finish up the last few presentations Monday. This unit will focus on the early astronomers- Ptolemy, Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton. We will be discussing the Big Bang Theory and other theories about how the universe formed, the ideas of the earliest astronomers, and then diving into Newtons laws of motion and gravity. We will conclude this week with the sun's components, layers, and make up. We will be disucssing solar energy and heat and on Friday do a solar oven lab. We will be conducting multiple experiements throughout this unit to deeper our understanding of each concept.


Monday- S'Mores in Solar Ovens

Wednesday- Sunspots Lab

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QUIZ: Newton's Laws Quiz on Monday the 22nd.


Test: Monday, Jan 29th

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