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Mrs. Sullivan

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April 9-13

-Be sure to check your elective teacher's website to stay in the know for your A and B day electives.

- Science Innovation Day Work is beginning this FRIDAY, April 13th!!! BE SURE TO BRING IN YOUR MATERIALS!



Unit 5: The Human Body

We are knee-deep in understanding our human body! We have discussed the circulatory system and how our heart works. We have also talked in depth about veins, arteries, and capillaries. Be sure to study the flow of blood through the heart and body for your upcoming quiz!

We will begin talking about each of the major body systems and focus in on the circulatory system, lympathic system, pathogens, our body's defense systems, and infections and diseases. We will also discuss Marie Curie and complete a research project on a major disease or infection. This unit will be sure to be informative, interactive, and very hands-on.

This week we will focus on the Lymphatic system, discussing the major organs involved and how our lymphatic system keeps us healthy. From there, we will move into pathogens and the lines of defenses that our body uses in keeping us healthy. 

We will also begin working on our Science Innovation Day projects this Friday. My expectation is that each Friday, groups will come to class prepared with the necessary materials and supplies to have a productive work day. Students will have the majority of class time to work, test, and build their projects and then about 10 minutes of time to complete their journal entries for the day. Please check your student's Innovation Day packet for any information regarding this AT-SCHOOL project!

Please check into the website often for information on when weekly quizzes and assignments are due.

Please be sure that you are able to log into at home so that you can review material taught in class, read up on concepts, or watch videos to deepen your understanding.

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