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Ms. Hirman

Ms. Hirman's Classroom

Week of May 14th

Dear Parents and Students,

As we close out the year, we all need to be mindful of our students wanting summer to start. Learning is still going on and so is grading. Put in the good, hard effort to get work done and turned in on time. Hang in there everyone!


Monday - Presentations; Chapter 3 discussion log; read Chapter 4 in Call of the Wild

Tuesday - Presentations; Chapter 4 discussion log; read Chapter 5

Wednesday - Presentations; Chapter 5 discussion log; read Chapter 6

Thursday - Presentations; Chapter 6 discussion log; read Chapter 7

Friday - Presentations; Chapter 7 discussion log; getting ready for Battle of the Poets


Study Skills - finish any work you need to get done for final grades.


ASL - the absence of sound - how does it feel? Continue with videos of sign language and learning. 


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