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Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith's Classroom

Week of February 19-23,2018

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**Schedule can be subject to change**


History- No School!

H.S. Readiness- No School!


History- Background of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

               Notes from PowerPoint.

H.S. Readiness- 2nd Presentation project presentations continue/Study Hall.


History- Continue getting notes from Background of conflict PowerPoint.

H.S. Readiness- Finish presentations/Study Hall.


History-  Finish up notes. 

           Water's role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. 

            Images, article, questions. Due 2/23 (25 points)

H.S. Readiness- 2nd Presentations cont.


History- Go over Water Questions.

             R.A.F.T. Personal Point-of-view written response. Due at end of period. (15 point assessment).

H.S. Readiness- Current Events Quiz.

                        Finish presentations/Study Hall.

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