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Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith's Classroom

Week of April 16 - 20, 2018

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**Schedule can be subject to change**


History- History Review Charades game. (10 points participation)

Word Wonder- B day

                         Word of the Day (WOD) “Connoisseur”

                         Quiz over Football Vocabulary list



History- 8th Grade CMAS Testing day – last day

Word Wonder- Due to 8th grade testing day- 6th and 7th students will most likely be directed to other classrooms today.


History- Begin Mini-Unit on Post-Cold War World: End of U.S.S.R./Bosnian Conflict/Apartheid in S. Africa.

               “Last Years of U.S.S.R.” power point- notes, questions.

Word Wonder- Due to testing, to be determined…


History- Reasons for Collapse of U.S.S.R. – Station readings, questions. Due 4/24 (36 points)

Word Wonder- Due to testing, to be determined…


History- No School for Students!

Word Wonder – No School for Students!

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