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Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Wilson's Classroom

February 19-23

Important Information

* February 19th –No School President’s Day

* February 21st- Box Tops for Education Due

* February 23rd-Dress of choice day {no theme}

* February 27- Kindergarten Dentist Visit

* March 1st- Power of One Assembly

**Please have your child work on our 3 new sight words for the week - said, want, am

Specials This Week

2/19 Monday No School

2/20 Tuesday Art 

2/21 Wednesday Music

2/22 Thursday P.E./Library

2/23 Friday Computer


Unit 7:

Week 3- Weekly Concept: Animal Habitats

Essential Question: “Where do animals live?”

Listening Comprehension: Bear Snores On- Fiction

Oral Vocabulary: complain, habitat, join, stubborn, wild

Interactive Read-aloud: “Anansi- An African Tale”- Tale

Shared Reading: “A Vet in a Van”

Phonics: review /v/v,/ks/x

Writing Trait: ideas

Grammar: verbs

Sight Words

I, can, the, we, see, a, like, did, it, to, will, run, and, in, find, go, under, eat, you, do, down, say, big, one, that, my, well, please, are, ran, but, he, with, all, is, little, over, she, was, there, be, away, jump, for, have, get, of, they, so, said, want, am

Singapore Math In Focus

Chapter 9: Comparing Sets

Through this unit, students will be able to compare quantities. Comparing sets is the most basic form of subtraction. Combining sets will pave the foundation for simple addition. Key terms used will be fewer, more and uncountable sets.


This month we will be learning about how to take care of our dental health. We will also be studying magnets. Students will investigate and understand that magnets have an effect on some materials, make some things move without touching them, and have useful applications. Students will be exposed to vocabulary words like attract, force, magnetism, north pole, pull, push, repel and south pole.

History and Geography

We have finished our unit on presidents and American symbols this week.  The students have learned a lot about four of our country’s greatest presidents.   Hopefully you have had some fun conversations with them these past few weeks.  Students have shown a lot of growth in their knowledge of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt as well as our national symbols. 

“The early bird gets the worm.”

Character Trait:

Excellence: Striving to do the best in everything you do, while maintaining a positive attitude and a spirit of self-confidence.

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