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Mrs. Straight

Mrs. Straight's Classroom

February 19-23


  • Feb.19th-NO SCHOOL; President's Day
  • Feb. 23rd-dress of choice

Homework (due Friday):  

  3.   HIGHLY ENCOURAGED-i-ready (at least 20 min. of math and reading each week)                                                                                    and your child's login card.

Sight Words: new words are in bold

  • I, a, red, blue , yellow, green, the, orange, purple, we, black, brown, see, white, like, did, it, and, in, go, you, my, are, he, shedo, is, with, have, all, was, little, play, look, of, want, here, for, they, said, this, what, help, does, good, where, make, that

Character Trait:  Compassion

Core Knowledge Language Arts:  

  • Saying: "The early bird gets the worm"
  • Poems/Nursery rhymes:  A Diller, A Dollar
  • Story:  Casey Jones

Wonders Literacy:  Where do animals live?

  • Skills: ask and answer questions; character, setting, events
  • Oral Vocabulary:  complain, habitat, join, stubborn, wild
  • Phonics: /x /y/; intro.  /sh/  /th/
  • Writing: How to build a snowman

Singapore Math In Focus: Comparing Sets

  • fewer, less, more, most, fewest
  • compare sets up to 20
  • comparing sets to find the difference
  • counting on

Core Knowledge Science/History:  George Washinton

  • 1st President
  • Legend of the Cherry Tree

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