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Mrs. Straight

Mrs. Straight's Classroom

November 13-17


  • Nov. 16/17th--Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Nov. 16th-26th--Thanksgiving Break

Homework (due Friday):

  1.   N/A
  2.   Sight word practice....We will add 3 new sight words each week.
  3.   HIGHLY ENCOURAGED-i-ready (at least 20 min. of math and reading each week)                                                                                    and your child's login card.

Sight Words: New weekly words are in bold.

  • I, a, red, blue , yellow, green, the, orange, purple, we, black, brown, see, white, like, did, it, and, in, go, you, my, are, he, she

Character Trait:  Empathy

Core Knowledge Language Arts:  

  • Saying: "Dog is man's best friend." 
  • Poems/Nursery Rhyme:  Hot Cross Buns
  • Story:  The Velveteen Rabbit

Wonders Literacy:  What do people use in their jobs?

  • Skills: ask and answer questions; key details
  • Oral Vocabulary:  equipment, uniform, untensils, expect, remained
  • Phonics: phoneme blending; listening for short vowels in words,  /o/
  • Writing: writing sentences using sight words; 'stretching words' to write beginning/ending sounds    

Singapore Math In Focus: Numbers 0-20

  • ID teen numbers
  • compare & order
  • introduce tens and ones in relation to teen numbers
  • introduce pennies & dimes to show teen numbers

Core Knowledge Science/History:   Early Exploration and Settlement

  • The Mayflower
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Thanksgiving Day celebration

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