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Ms. Damm

Ms. Damm's Classroom

May 7-May 11

Important Information

  • Please check Infinite Campus grades regularly as Ms. Damm does her best to update students’ grades daily.
  • Students must wear their PE shoes (non-marking soles) to receive full credit for class. If you are unsure if your student has PE, check Ms. Damm's Links and Documents page, your homeroom teacher’s website, the event calendar, or the most recent newsletter.
  • If students have an assignment marked missing (or as a "0") on Infinite Campus, that is because they were absent, and Ms. Damm has not yet received a make-up form. If students cannot find their make-up form, they may ask Ms. Damm for a replacement or print off the document from the Links and Documents page of this website.


*I will be passing out make up forms daily. If a student is absent they will get 0 points for that day.  Please make sure they have brought home a form and fill it out. If they did not receive a form, you can print one off by clicking the Links and Documents link, or asking for another one from me. Please return this slip as soon as possible. 

*Handing in make up slips is important for grades. It brings your grade down quickly if you do not turn your make up slip in. Please remember to do that. I hate having grades go down because slips are not turned in.  

Kindergarten & 1st Grade:

Field Day is coming up so we will start practicing the events that the students will be doing. I would like them to practice so they will understand how to do the event. 

2nd Grade- 5th Grade:

This week we are going to try to get the PACER and finish classes that have not done the mile yet. With field trips and other activities this could be challenging to get done but we're going to try.


It is our goal at Aspen View Academy to create the conditions for learning. The need for consistency in upholding school policies is crucial in helping to create the conditions for learning. As such, per our handbook, AVA’s uniform policypromotes uniformity of dress among students and reduces distraction, disruption and disciplinary problems. This policy also promotes student pride and creates a sense of community and school spirit.  Additionally, per our handbook,when inclement weather is expected, approved boots may be worn. Thank you for accepting these guidelines upon enrollment and agreeing to adhere by them moving forward to create the conditions for learning.

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