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Mrs. Pelley

Mrs. Pelley's Classroom

October 11-13

6th Grade

We are all excited to see our mugs emerge from the flames of the kiln this week! These peices will be on display near the library later this week for families to see. 

Meanwhile, students are continuing to work on their Etchings! Students will wrap up this assignment this week as they etch various patterns and designs into the black spray paint. We're all excited to see how they turn out!

These are due Wednesday, October 18th. 

7th Grade

Using our knowledge of the human anatomy, students are making clay masks. Once the students place all of the anatomical features, they can then turn them into any fantastical creature of their choosing. 

These are due Friday, October 20th.

8th Grade

This week, we are focusing on turning in all of our assignments as we transition into our new project. This project is a Post-Impressionistic self portrait made with oil pastels. Students will focus on anatomical features as well as color theory to execute these pieces. 

Also, once our display shelves are installed, we will display the 8th grade's Slab Sculptures in the lobby!

The drawings for this project are due on Friday, October 13th.

The final version of their drawings are due on Friday, October 20th. 

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