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Ms. Orness

Ms. Orness' Classroom

Nov 3 - 8


  • CAMP (Computers, Art, Music, P.E.) Rotation: Your student will come to computer class every fourth day depending on your student's CAMP rotation.

  • Email: I will always try to be as timely as possible with responding to emails, but as you might not be aware I have over 600 students, so please be patient with me! 

  • Internet Use: As part of Express Check-In you should have already signed the Student Computer/Internet Use Acknowledgement Form that needs to be signed both by yourself as a Parent/Guardian and your student, if you haven't signed this form please print, sign and return to the front office. You can find this form on page 44 of the Parent and Student Handbook.  In class, I will also be having students sign an Online Safety Pledge. In my class, we will always use Kiddle as kid safe search engine. All other sites will also be posted in the Links and Documents section.

  • Check the Links and Documents section for links to sites we will be using each week. 

Kindergarten –  Tie into 3 little pigs unit by painting a picture of something from the story and playing a game where they build and design a house.

1st – 1st graders will be doing a Kiddle image search on Meopotamia to tie in with their homeroom lesson. They will be searching key words that they should be familiar with by the end of the lesson. The image search will give them practice how to open the kiddle site, practice searching images, finding letters on the keyboard to type in the search words

2nd – Begin our unit on MS Word – discussing what the MS Word program is, what we can use it for in school. They will be shown how to open Word and how to open a new, blank document. We will learn two basic tools the font and the font size. They will practice typing in Word under specific fonts and sizes.

3rd- Continue  our MS Word unit and finish the MS Word Challenge

4th-5th Grade – This week the students will be creating an Event Flyer for a pretend event. They will be brainstorming ideas in a blank Word document to start. Once they have finished brainstorming their ideas, they will search for an Event Flyer template and create a flyer for their pretend event.

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