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Ms. Sharp

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Week of April 16th

Important Information

  • CMAS testing continues this week for 7th (Thurs) and 8th grade (Tues), and goes through April for middle school. I will do my best to include those days on my agenda so that you know when your child will be missing class.
  • There's no school Friday or Monday of next week! Enjoy your break!


6th Grade

M           -- XIV vocab review

             --XIV imperfect review and add the irregular verbs sum and possum

             -- HW: imperfect practice IV, work on test corrections

T/W        -- XIV vocab review

              -- imperfect tense review

              -- XIV reading

             -- HW: XIV English and Latin vocab practice, study for XIV quiz (Tues the 24/Wed the 25)

Th          -- XIV (and other chapter) vocab review

             -- Felix Natalis Romae!

             -- HW: same as T/W


7th Grade

M           -- XII and XIII test

             -- HW: copy XIV vocab (most are getting it done in class)

T/W       -- XIV vocab review

             -- imperfect tense: add 1st and 2nd person

             -- HW: imperfect practice III



8th Grade


M      -- XXX vocab quiz

        -- passive review

        -- reading

        -- HW: work on synopsis (due Friday)

W     -- XXXI vocab

        -- passive infinitive

        -- HW: passive infinitive practice

Th      -- XXXI vocab review

        -- passive infinitive review

        -- Felix Natalis Romae! History Lecture

        -- HW: none--enjoy the long weekend!

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