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Ms. Sharp

Ms. Sharp's Classroom

Week of February 5th

Important Information

  • No students have class on Monday, President's Day.

6th and 7th Grade

T/W     -- copy XII vocab and discuss

          -- cases song

           -- HW: label XII nouns by declension and verbs by conjugation

Th/F    -- X and XI test back, corrections due in a week

          -- XII vocab review

          -- cases song, ablative of means, manner, and time

            --  HW: ablative case practice


8th Grade

T      -- XXVI vocab review

         -- hic and ille (demonstrative pronoun) review

         -- HW:  study for XXVI vocab quiz

W       -- XXVI vocab quiz

         -- hic and ille review

         -- XXVI reading

         -- XXVII vocab copied

         -- HW: finish copying XXVII vocab, label by part of speech and decl/conj

Th     -- XXVII vocab review

         -- 1st and 2nd person pronouns

         -- HW: 1st and 2nd person pronoun practice

F       -- XXVII vocab review

         -- 1st and 2nd person pronoun review, add 3rd person

         -- XXVII reading

         -- HW: 3rd person pronoun practice

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