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Transportation, Carpool & Busing

Walking and Biking

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A must read for all families with students not riding the bus.

The drop-off and pick-up process can sometimes be a challenge, especially in a school like AVA with over 600 students.  We ask that each family read and discuss this plan so that we have the best chance of success, which will make the entire process go much better for all. 

  • Safety is the most important part of carpool
  • Drive slow at all times while on school property (5 MPH)
  • Follow directions
  • Carpool with other families when possible
  • Work together for the benefit of all
  • NO electronic device use while in your car for pick-up or drop-off, Cell phones, IPod, etc.
  • Be Patient, it will get better after day one

Drop Off

  1. Enter on Fiddle Road
  2. Proceed slowly to the curb closest to school
  3. Watch for students at all times
  4. Follow directions from carpool team
  5. Pull forward as far as possible along the curb toward the school
  6. After entering the Unloading Zone, continue to pull forward as far as possible
  7. Stop, and unload all students to the right, or passenger side of the vehicle, absolutely no unloading on the left or driver’s side.
  8. Gradually pull away from the curb once all students are safely on the sidewalk.
  9. Exit at the south driveway, stopping at the stop sign.  Turn right on Low Meadow Blvd.

Pick-up tends to be a bit longer than Drop-off.  Students can help this process along by doing the following things:

  • Know their carpool number
  • Wait quietly in class for their number and be ready to go
  • Know who is picking them up each day
  • Never go with a stranger, even if they have the “right” number
  • Be on the sidewalk ready to load when their vehicle stops
  • No horseplay, tag games, etc. during carpool

Procedure for carpool pick-up

  1. Enter at Fiddle Road
  2. Drive slow, or stop, allowing the carpool team to enter you family number(s)
  3. Proceed along the curb toward the school if space is available
  4. Park temporarily in the queuing area if directed by the carpool team
  5. Proceed toward the school as directed when space is available
  6. Pull forward slowly into the loading zone when space becomes available.  Pull as far forward as possible so we can load many cars at one time.
  7. If waiting for students, continue to pull forward when others in front of you leave.
  8. When your vehicle has all students, gradually pull away from the curb toward the exit.
  9. Stop at the stop sign, then turn right on Low Meadow Blvd.

Carpool Map

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If you intend to ride the bus, please make sure you use Express Check In.

223 Blue Dolphin Meadows Blvd & Painthorse Dr 7:30 3:53
    Butterfield Park in Meadows 7:35 3:58
    Meadows Blvd & Cherokee Dr. 7:39 4:02
    Tanglevine Dr & Chesterfield Rd 7:42 3:50
    Morning View Dr & Morning View Ln 7:44 3:52
    Red Hawk Dr & Thatch Cir. - SW End 7:50 3:42
266 Brown Horse Crystal Valley Pkwy @ Rhyolite Park 6:55 4:23
    Plum Creek Blvd & Payers Club Dr. 7:01 4:28
    Lantern Cir. & Matney Park Entrance 7:13 4:13
    Enderud Park in Founders 7:18 4:09
    Autumn Sage St & Paint Pony Cir @ Park 7:25 4:03
    Gemstone Park in Sapphire Pointe 7:34 3:53
    Renaissance School & Trail Boss Ln 7:40 4:40


Please have your students at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to stop time. 

Contact info:
2808 N. Highway 85
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Phone: 303-387-0415
Fax: 303-688-3543

AVA has agreed to continue purchasing the same busing services from DCSD for you this year. After listening to your feedback and in order to accommodate the needs of AVA families this year, we will follow this revised plan:

  • Students that take the Blue Dolphin bus route (the shorter route, #223) will pay $1.50 per ride ($3.00 per day, round trip).
  • Students that take the Brown Horse bus route (the longer route, #266) will pay $2.00 per ride ($4.00 per day, round trip).
  • AVA staff will track which students ride the bus each time and assign those busing fees to Parent Portal for reimbursement.
  • You can count on busing services for this entire school year. After the first trimester, we will have a better handle on actual ridership to make any adjustments to the cost per ride, if needed.

It is our goal to accommodate your needs for this school year.

After this year we will reevaluate whether busing will continue to be financially feasible for our organization.

Transportation Department · 2808 N. US Hwy 85, Bldg. B · Castle Rock, CO  80109
Phone 303-387-0447  Fax 303-688-3543  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Printable Bus Animals

Use this PDF to create tags for backpacks for bus riders.

Print the file in color, fold in half, and then laminate for a double sided tag.  These could be hung on backpacks as an extra measure of ensuring the children get on the right bus, especially during the early part of the year when everyone is still getting to know each other, and where everyone goes.

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