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Mr. Oldenburg

Mr. Oldenburg's Classroom

Meet Mr. Oldenburg

Jared Oldenburg is a husband, father, pastor, coach, teacher and author.  

He is a (very part-time) Latin teacher at Aspen View. He helps out two days a week with the 4th and 5th grade classrooms.  Since 2010, (for his real job)  he has served as the founding pastor of Eternal Rock Lutheran Church in Castle Rock, CO.  In addition, Jared has presented around the country as a conference speaker and is the author of the interactive iBook Who is Jesus, Simple Answers (Boettcher/Trinklein Inc., 2013) and has been published multiple times in Christian Publications.   

He holds a Master of Divinity (with an emphasis in the original Biblical languages). His experience includes five years of Latin coursework as well as time traveling throughout Europe. 

Jared lives with his wife, Aimee, and three kids in Castle Rock, Colorado.



4th Grade (9:30am-11:05am)

5th Grade (11:55am-12:20pm & 2:05pm-3:30pm)


4th Grade (9:30am-11:05am)

5th Grade (11:55am-12:20pm & 2:05pm-3:30pm)

What to Expect

Fourth Grade

In fourth grade Latin we are working our way through Minimus, which is one of the most popular Latin introduction books. These books are popular around the world because they not only introduce Latin grammar, English grammar and Roman culture, but they also follow a real Roman family that lived in Vindolanda around 100 AD. Your kids are learning about Flavius (a fort commander) his wife Lepidina and their children and house slaves. The information we know about family has been steadily uncovered from archaeological digs in that part of Great Britain. Our goal for fourth grade Latin is to introduce the students to a new language in an engaging way that is not overwhelming.

Fifth Grade

In fifth grade Latin we are working through Latin for Children: Primer A. This is a great book, just like the Minimus series. However, Latin for Children: Primer A focuses much more on grammatical explanations, building vocabulary (over 200 of the most common Latin words) and really laying a foundation for your student’s work in sixth grade and beyond. This course is certainly more challenging then the Minimus series we use in fourth grade, but your student’s hard work is rewarded as they really begin to start understanding translating in a new language. 

Classroom Philosophy

Although Latin is a "dead" language, it has much to offer your child.  In both the 4th and 5th grades, we are exploring Latin grammar, vocabulary and Roman culture.  Because of the precise nature of the Latin language, it often proves to be quite helpful for students to learn/solidify the basics of English grammar and sentence structure. We seek to learn Latin in a variety of ways including rote memory as well as translation basics.

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