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Our number one goal in the Health Room at Aspen View Academy is to keep children healthy and ready to learn.  But we need your help on the home front! 

If your child is feeling ill, please keep them at home where they can rest and recover with you rather than having them “tough it out” at school.  Your child will be more comfortable and we will appreciate you keeping those germs at home!  The following are some tips and suggestions that will aid us in preventing the spread of illness, keep students and staff well, and maintain a healthy and safe learning environment.  

Be aware of the early signs of illness

  • Decreased activity – droopy, tired appearance, sleepiness
  • Irritable behavior / crankiness
  • Sore throat / swollen glands / enlarged tonsils
  • Runny nose / cough / hoarse voice
  • Skin eruptions / rashes (students with undiagnosed rashes are not allowed to be in school)
  • Nausea / vomiting / diarrhea (students with vomiting and diarrhea are not allowed to be in school)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever (100ºF or higher is considered a fever in Douglas County Schools and student is not allowed to be at school)

 Parents can help

  • Check students health before they leave home
  • Keep students home when they have signs / symptoms of illness
  • Be sure your student knows where you are for the day
  • Give school office current emergency contact information
  • Make arrangements with relatives / friends to take care of sick children if unable to do so yourself
  • If your child has a life-threatening or chronic condition, provide the school with your child’s emergency medications and appropriate documentation (asthma inhaler, Epi Pen, Benadry, etc)

When can my child return to school after an illness?

  • Student must be fever-free for 24 hours WITHOUT medication
  • Student must stay home for 48 hours after last episode of vomiting
  • Student must stay at home for 48 hours after last episode of diarrhea
  • Student may return after 24 hours of medication for - strep throat, conjunctivitis (pink eye), infected skin eruptions, and most other bacterial infections requiring antibiotics.  Exception:  If being treated for Pertussis (Whooping Cough), student must be on antibiotics for 5 days before returning to school.
  • If you have questions about other communicable diseases / conditions and when your child may return, please call the office and ask to speak with either Brittney or Jennifer.

If your child will not be attending school, please let us know immediately

Call the AVA Attendance Line, 303-660-5940, by 9:00 am to report a student absence each day your student will not be attending school.  We must account for your child’s attendance daily, and each absence must be called in and verified by a parent in order to be excused.  (Planned absences require advanced notice and Assistant Principal approval.  The required form can be found on our website.)

Medications at AVA

In general, school personnel should not administer medication to students at school unless clearly necessary and where appropriate administration cannot reasonably be accomplished outside of school.  However, if a student must receive medication during school hours, certain protocol must be followed.  The Student Medication Request and Release Agreement must be completed by a physician and signed by a parent / guardian and be on file in the Health Room.  Medication must be furnished in the original pharmacy labeled container, stating the student’s name, medication and dosage with the name of the prescribing physician.  Medication will be administered by designated school personnel and only in accordance with the instructions on the prescription label.  Expired medications are not allowed to be dispensed.  If your child has a chronic or life threatening condition such as asthma or anaphylactic allergy, we strongly encourage you to provide the school with the appropriate documentations and medications at Meet the Teacher night or as close to the first day of school as possible.

All students are allowed to carry cough drops and chapstick in their bag packs or pockets.   Elementarystudents are not allowed to possess any other over the counter medications, including Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin (ibuprofen), or cough / cold medications.  DCSD will no longer have a standing physician order for students to receive Tylenol (acetaminophen) at school.  This is based on guidance from CDE in accordance with the Colorado Nurse Practice Act.  Middle school students (6th, 7th, and 8thgrades) may assume responsibility for bringing to school and administering their own medication providing they carry only enough for one day and have the self-administration “permission to carry medication” form on file in the school office. Students using poor judgment in carrying and taking their own medication will have such medication confiscated by school personnel, and parents or guardian will be notified. A structured plan will then be developed for the administration of the medication. Any parent or guardian who chooses not to sign the permission to carry medication form may request that a structured plan be devised for his or her student.

Food Allergies

We have multiple students at AVA who have a severe allergy to ALL nuts, peanuts and peanut products.  As with many children who have this allergy, even contact with another person who is consuming peanut / nut products can be of serious and life threatening consequence.  We are asking that parents keep this these allergies in mind when sending lunches and snacks to school.


Our school works hard to ensure compliance with Colorado immunization laws.  Your help in providing updated immunization records each time your child receives additional vaccines is greatly appreciated.  Parents who have religious or personal objections to immunizations or students who have a medical reason for exemption may sign a Personal Exemption waiver.  However, please note, students who have exemptions will be excluded from school if an outbreak of a specified common disease occurs.  If you would like information about the vaccines required by the state of Colorado Board of Health for school entry or information about your child’s vaccine schedule, please visit the Immunization Section of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Thank you for working with us to keep AVA a SAFE and HEALTHY place to learn!

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