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AVA will not offer busing services for the 2016-2017 school year and beyond.


AVA has now partnered with Way to Go SchoolPool to help families arrange rides to and from school. If you do not wish to be part of this program, you must OPT OUT by completing the Opt Out form by May 1st for the 2016-2017 school year.

Opt-Out Letter

Student Pick Up and Drop Off - also known as "Carpool" 

AVA's process for ensuring that all students safely dismiss from school and get home at the end of each day is referred to as "carpool." This process requires organization, coordination, and teamwork. It requires everyone to do his or her part. We are tightening up and fine tuning this process so that we consistently hit our goals for safety and efficiency.

During Meet and Greets, teachers ask each family how their children would be getting home. The choices are: After Care, walking, or going through the carpool line with the family number. Each teacher makes a list and releases students accordingly. The fact that we have MS students released at 3:15pm and Elementary students released at 3:30pm is strategic but can be a bit confusing.

Clarification of the three types of carpool categories:

1)      After Care: Students who are released at 3:15pm (MS)/3:30pm elementary) and go to the After Care Program.

2)      Walker: Students who are released at 3:15pm (MS)/3:30pm elementary) and do one of the following:

a)  Walk/bike directly home

b)  Walk outside and meet their parent or walk up the hill and meet parents at the car.


  • A parent/guardian must be waiting outside of the building at their student's dismissal time (3:15 for middle school/3:30 for elementary school).   If  there is not an adult outside waiting for the student at the time of dismissal, the student will then be sent back into their class, and parents will need to either use the carpool line or wait until 3:45 "all call" when all  remaining students are released.
  • Students are not allowed to wait outside. The weather is getting colder, and unattended students seem to find trouble.
  • Middle school students who walk and have an elementary sibling will not be dismissed until 3:30pm.

3)     Carpooler: Students who wait in the classroom until they see their name appear on the smart board and then go directly outside to look for their car and go home.

Please note, if there is a change to your regular carpool routine for the day, please call or email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) the office as soon as possible. The office will then send an email to the teacher with the change. Teachers are to respond to the office email and verify the student has been notified. If the office does not receive a reply from the teacher by 3:00pm, the office will call the student at the end  of the day to make sure he or she is aware of the changes.

Walking and Biking

Click for larger Walk and Bike Map

2016 17 WalkBike


A must read for all families.

The drop-off and pick-up process can sometimes be a challenge, especially in a school like AVA with over 900 students.  We ask that each family read and discuss this plan so that we have the best chance of success, which will make the entire process go much better for all. 

  • Safety is the most important part of carpool
  • Drive slow at all times while on school property (5 MPH)
  • Follow directions
  • Carpool with other families when possible
  • Work together for the benefit of all
  • NO electronic device use while in your car for pick-up or drop-off, Cell phones, IPod, etc.
  • Be Patient, it will get better after day one

Drop Off

  1. Enter on Fiddle Road
  2. Proceed slowly to the curb closest to school
  3. Watch for students at all times
  4. Follow directions from carpool team
  5. Pull forward as far as possible along the curb toward the school
  6. After entering the Unloading Zone, continue to pull forward as far as possible
  7. Stop, and unload all students to the right, or passenger side of the vehicle, absolutely no unloading on the left or driver’s side.
  8. Gradually pull away from the curb once all students are safely on the sidewalk.
  9. Exit at the south driveway, this is a two lane exit.  Stop at the stop sign.  Make a Left or Right turn onto Low Meadow Blvd.

Pick-up tends to be a bit longer than Drop-off.  Students can help this process along by doing the following things:

  • Know their carpool number
  • Wait quietly in class for their number and be ready to go
  • Know who is picking them up each day
  • Never go with a stranger, even if they have the “right” number
  • Be on the sidewalk ready to load when their vehicle stops
  • No horseplay, tag games, etc. during carpool

Procedure for carpool pick-up

  1. Enter at Fiddle Road
  2. Drive slow, or stop, allowing the carpool team to enter you family number(s)
  3. Proceed along the curb toward the school if space is available
  4. Park temporarily in the queuing area if directed by the carpool team
  5. Proceed toward the school as directed when space is available
  6. Pull forward slowly into the loading zone when space becomes available.  Pull as far forward as possible so we can load many cars at one time.
  7. If waiting for students, continue to pull forward when others in front of you leave.
  8. When your vehicle has all students, gradually pull away from the curb toward the exit.
  9. Exit at the south driveway, this is a two lane exit.  Stop at the stop sign.  Make a Left or Right turn onto Low Meadow Blvd.

Carpool Map

Click for Larger Carpool Map

 2016 17 PickDrop

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