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There are several website update scanners that can alert you when the pages are updated. If you are a Chrome or Safari user you might try a tool like Feeder.  Firefox users could check out Update Scanner
1. Download and install the browser add on.
 scanner07 scanner08


2. Locate the icon in a toolbar at the very top or bottom of your browser window. You may need to enable your Extensions or Add On toolbar.


Update Scanner

3. Add the sites you would like to monitor. 
  • Go to the teacher's website.

  • Copy the URL.

  • Go to your new tool and add the site
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Choose "RSS 2.0" Monitoring this site is not using an RSS feed - but you must make a default selection within the tool.
scanner13 scanner12
Update Scanner 
scanner23 scanner03

  • You will now see your new teacher added in your list of pages to monitor. 
Update Scanner

  • Each tool has different settings. Explore them and choose the settings that work best for you.
4. Now (after you launch your browser) the tool will alert you when a teacher adds new content to their page. You will notice a small number, purple arrow or popup box near the icon in your browser window. When you click on the icon you will notice which pages have updated (bold font or update number). Click the teacher's name to see their updated page.



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