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AVA students are the world’s future leaders. AVA students also have the potential to have a strong, positive influence for good right here, right now. AVA’s student government exists to train and empower young leaders as problem-solvers.


Each class elects a President and Vice President following a democratic process, facilitated by the homeroom teacher. Representatives serve for half a school year at a time, to allow twice as many students the opportunity to participate in this formative leadership experience. Then, on a monthly basis, grade level representatives from each floor will meet with the Principal and Deans as a Student Senate. The Second Floor Senate includes 1st – 4th grade. The Third Floor Senate includes 5th – 8th grade. Each cohort of senators has the opportunity to grow according to the map below. 

Leadership Skills Map:

SKILLS Meeting #1 Meeting #2 Meeting #3 Meeting #4
Strategic Planning Leaders uphold the shared vision, mission, and values. Leaders confront challenges and make smart plans. Leaders take action to overcome those challenges. Leaders find ways to involve others to be part of the solution.
Working with Others Leaders use the first 30 seconds to make a great first impression.

Leaders use safe, positive,

whole-body communication.

Leaders build others up with their words (both spoken and written). Leaders have a positive, solution-oriented attitude and step in to opportunities to help.
Public Speaking Strong speakers speak at a speed and volume appropriate to the audience. Strong speakers establish eye contact that draws in the audience. A strong speaker’s body language supports his/her words. Strong speakers prepare thoroughly and enjoy the moment.

Student Senate Leadership Challenges:

Each month, student senators are encouraged to try to complete the challenges below.

                               Task                                                                     Date Completed 

Make sure no one is sitting alone at lunch.


Hold the door for someone.


Tell a parent thank you for something specific.


Practice the professional handshake with an adult at AVA.


Ask your teacher how you can help.


Write an encouraging note to someone who needs it.


Clean up an area in the school.


Do something kind or thoughtful for someone else, but try to avoid being noticed.


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